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Pembroke Soap Company

Cranberry Body Butter & Cranberry Sugar Lip Scrub

Cranberry Body Butter & Cranberry Sugar Lip Scrub

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The sweet, tangy & fresh scent of cranberries fills every jar of this beautiful body butter. It is silky, smooth and perfectly whipped to create a butter that is just perfect to moisturize your skin.  The cranberry fruit adds a beautiful speckled pink color.

To Use: Rub onto skin anywhere that needs moisturizing.

Net Wt: 3.5 

Ingredients: Cranberry Butter, Fragrance, Tapioca Starch, Vitamin E.

Cranberry Sugar Lip Scrub is a perfect combination of cranberry butter and sugar. This creates a wonderful exfoliant for your lips. Just a little bit will leave your lips feeling smooth.

To Use: Apply desired amount to lips, rub gently and rinse warm water.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cranberry Butter, Vitamin E.

Net Wt: .5

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