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Pembroke Soap Company

Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves

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This bar’s inspiration came from my backyard right here in New Hampshire. Each year as the weather cools, the leaves change color, and our grass is covered in a blanket of red, orange, and yellow for just a few moments there is a beautiful scent of freshly fallen leaves that fills the air.

Our Fall bar is that fresh scent captured at that moment, the notes of greens, florals, and wood combine to create a beautiful earthy scent.  If you love the smell of the woods during the autumn then this scent is for you.  The colors of the red, orange, Maple leaves and yellow Elm leaves were the perfect complement to the scent of Freshly Fallen Leaves that adorns this bar.



Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Cocoa Butter, Mica, and Fragrance Oil.

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